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About Me


I'm a retired fire chief who dabbles in photography.

For years I have coached at Saint Michael's College and have been photographing the field hockey team. Recently I have been capturing the action at other sporting events at the college. As a parent of a former gymnast I know how hard it is to get photos of a child in their sport. I'm hoping to fill that gap for some.



Disclaimer: I am not profiting from the photos that I take, edit and upload. I enjoy connecting with the athletes through this effort and I enjoy providing their parents with an action image not captured by a cell phone. The College also uses my photos in their social media posts and is gracious enough to give me credit. The "buy photo" or shopping cart image is provided by Smug Mug and takes you to another vendor to buy a hard copy of the photo - I am not involved in this operation. There should be a download option for galleries or individual photos.

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